Alien – The hero’s journey breakdown


Call to adventure

The crew is awoken from hibernation because they have received a distress call from an unknown source.

Refusal of the call

A couple members of the crew resist going but Dallas, the captain, insists.

Supernatural Aid

The onboard computer Mother. It knows the true meaning behind sending them on this quest.

Crossing the First Threshold

Entering the crash landed Alien Space ship. Kane encounters and is attacked by the first form of the alien.

Belly of the whale

They bring back Kane with the face hugger attached and put him into the infirmary.

Road of the trials

The Alien explodes out of Kane’s chest and then transforms into a larger creature. They hunt it and try and learn it’s weakness as it kills a number of them.

Meeting with the Goddess

Ripley gains access to Mother and  learns the secret mission and that the crew are expendable.

Woman as Temptress

The unseen forces of the company, they are the ones who sought the Alien life form and it’s potential as a weapon regardless of the consequences for the crew.

Atonement with the father

She learns she was right about Ash, he had a secret agenda and they fight to the death.


Ripley is able to resuscitate Ash and extract information out of him about the Alien.

Ultimate Boon

To escape with their lives, Ripley concludes they must get on the escape pod and detonate the ship

Magic flight

Running around the ship, being chased by the Alien, as the self destruct timer runs down.

Master of two worlds

She uses her skills to get into a space suit and jettison the Alien from the pod

Freedon to live

She has survived and  enters hibernation

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