Blade Runner The Hero’s journey breakdown

Blade Runner The Hero’s journey breakdown


Ordinary world – The futuristic world of LA, synthetic humans known as replicants are illegal on earth and get retired by Blade Runners.


Call to adventure – Bryant wants Deckard to come out of retirement and hunt down a group of desperate replicants who have made it to earth.


Refusal of the call – When he’s asked to terminate the Replicants he refuses “I was quit when I came in here and I’m twice as quit now.” However, his former boss makes it  clear he’s not asking him to do it, he’s telling him and he has no choice.


Supernatural Aid – Dr Tyrell is the mentor, he opens Deckard’s mind up to the to the humanity of Replicants. He has god like knowledge of the Replicants because he created them.


Crossing first threshold – Deckard enters Tyrell Corp. and tests a Nexus 6 replicant, Rachael.


Road of the trials – Tracking down the replicants, following up clues and using his detective skills.


Meeting with the Goddess – He’s got orders to kill all the replicants, including Rachael, Tyrel’s assistant. Instead of killing her, he is sympathetic towards her, seeing that she’s upset by the unbelievable news that she’ s a replicant he pretends that he made it up and she’s not a replicant. Soon he falls in love with her.


Temptation – Leaving the journey, Rachel asks him if she went north, would he come after her, he says he wouldn’t and they go back to his apartment and they make love.


Atonement with the father – This stage was flipped onto the Antagonist Roy, he meets Tyrell who calls him his prodigal son and then Roy confesses his sins to him.


Apotheosis – This stage was also flipped onto Roy. He kills Tyrell, his maker and in doing so accepts that there is no possible way to extend his life. Although watch this video and this whole section becomes clearer. 


The Ultimate boon – Deckard has killed all the Replicants but the final one Roy, but now they have found each other.


Magic flight – Escaping from Roy to the rooftop


Rescue from without – Deckard is helpless and about to drop to his death, instead he is saved by Roy the leader of the Replicants.


Crossing the return threshold – He’s finished with being a blade runner


Master of two worlds – He’s killed the dangerous replicants and fallen in love with Rachael


Freedom to Live – Deckard and Rachael leave together to live happily ever after


Two stages are flipped on to the Antagonist in this story. It’s not uncommon for another character to take on a step. I also couldn’t identify a clear Refusal of the return, if anyone can suggest something please feel free to add something in the comments.

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  1. I would argue, as well, that there’s a moment of “Rescue from Without” with Deckard when he is saved by Rachael before he can be killed by Leon.

    Although, that may be his impetus to, later on, be her “Rescue from Without” by whisking her away at the end instead of “retiring” her as he had been told to.

  2. Perhaps the Refusal To Return was also put on Roy after he and Deckard fight, in that, Roy had many opportunities to leave the fight (being, by far, the dominant one) and at one point even returns Deckard’s gun to him. Batty could have left the city, perhaps even the world, ‘returning’ to his former life, but instead decided to stay in the golden moment of Apotheosis.

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