Avengers 2 – Three breakdowns – Hero’s Journey, Save the Cat and Anatomy of story 22 steps


Avengers 2 is a massive movie so I’ve done a massive breakdown using three popular templates; Hero’s Journey, Save the Cat and Anatomy of Story 22 steps. And also because I have delusions of grandeur and I like getting abused by total strangers on the internet I’ve included some thoughts on improving it’s structure. Hero’s journey  Call […]


The Dark Knight Rises – The Hero’s journey breakdown


Ordinary world Bruce Wayne lives the life of a hermit in his house. He’s no longer the Batman because as a result of the Harvey Dent act he’s not needed. Call to Adventure Bane commences his plan to purify the world by destroying Gotham. He is an opponent of unprecedented strength, which no ordinary human […]


The Karate Kid – The hero’s journey breakdown


Ordinary world Daniel is a fish out of water because he was unhappy about moving from New Jersey to California. Call to Adventure Johnny and his gag bust up a party when Daniel was getting very friendly with Ali. Daniel tries to protect Ali but he is no match for Johnny who is a martial […]


Raider’s of the Lost Ark – The Hero’s Journey Breakdown


Ordinary world Indiana Jones is an archaeologist, adventurer and a Professor. Call to Adventure He’s contacted by Government Agents to retrieve the Arc of the covenant. Hitler is also after it and he has a head start. (Also note: there is a long introduction with the rolling stone and the chasing natives etc, so when […]