Star Wars A new hope Hero’s journey


Star Wars Hero’s Journey

Ordinary world

A rebellion is struggling against the might of a ruthless empire and Luke is a humble farm boy yearning for a more exciting life

Call to adventure

Inside a droid he just bought, Luke discovers a hidden message to save the Princess

Meeting the Mentor

He is rescued by OBI Wan





Refusal of the call

Obi Wan asks him to become a Jedi but he refuses

Answering the call

His uncle and Aunt are killed and theres nothing left for him now

Crossing the Threshold

Going to Mos Eisley

Threshold Guardians

Empire Starships


Road of trials

Escape Tatooine, Jedi Training,


Captured by Death Star

Meeting the Goddess

Rescuing Princess Leia

Entering the belly of the whale

Jumping into the garbage compactor.

Dragon Battle

Attacked by the monster in the garbage crusher

Ritual death or dismemberment

Luke taken under water for a long time and believed dead

Sacred Marriage

He has become emotionally attached to Obi Wan

Atonement with or recognition by the father

Obi Wan allows himself to be killed because he knows Luke is ready


They have the plans the Death Star and used it to discover a weakness in construction

Ultimate Boon/Magic elixir

Luke is fighter pilot in an X-wing for the rebellion



Magic flight/pursuit

Flying along the surface of the death star trying to make the shot with Darth Vader in pursuit

Rescue from without

“You’re all clear kid now lets blow this thing and go home.”

Crossing the return threshold

Embraces Han and Leia back at the rebel base

Master of two worlds

Receives medal

Freedom to live

Death star destroyed and his friends have survived

This is my painting of Luke and his Uncle. See more of my Artwork of Girls and Comics

The Avengers Hero’s journey stages


The Avengers Stages of the Hero’s journey


Ordinary world

Tony Stark is self obsessed billionare, genius, superhero

Call to Adventure

Nick Fury wants to assemble a response unit known as The Avengers Initiative. Tony Stark’s call to adventure comes from Agent Phil Coulson asking him to join.

Refusal of the call

He doesn’t accept this offer, in fact he rattles off reasons as to why S.H.E.I.L.D. thinks he can be part of the team – unreliable, selfish and can’t work in a team

Answering the call

Even though he refused to accept the offer, we see him begin studying the information. The next time we see him is when joins Captain America in the fight against Loki.

Supernatural Aid

Iron man suit


Nick Fury, he organizes, supports and motivates The Avengers


Obviously, the rest of The Avengers

Crossing the Threshold

Without any warning Iron Man supports Captain America to help subdue Loki

Threshold Guardians

There are none

Road of the trials

Loki’s plan is a one of deceit designed to give The Avengers a false sense of control. Tony  enters the Helicarrier and acts like a rock star, he’s willing to become part of the group but he still wants to do everything his way, secretly planting a virus in the computer system, playing with fire by messing with the Hulk and butting heads with Captain America.

Brother Battle

When Thor and Iron Man meet, they should be allies against Loki but they fight. And as Tony Stark, he locks horns with Captain America over his attitude

Meeting the Goddess

This is an unusual one, Meeting the Goddess is symbolic of meeting a character with special beauty and power. In this instance it’s when he meets Dr Bruce Banner. He admires him “especially the way you turn into that rage monster” They relate with one another because they are both geniuses and share a moment about the differences between them. Iron man has to wear armor but the Hulk is completely exposed. (they even drive off together at the end of the film)


Hawkeye is abducted at the start of the story and returns to the ship and attacks them, once he is defeated he rejoins the group.

Night or Sea Journey

They go on a voyage on the Helicarrier

Dragon battle

The helicarrier is attacked and he suits up.

Entering the belly of the whale /Ritual death or dismemberment

Iron man is caught in the rotary blades of the helicarrier whilst trying to repair them and is nearly torn apart. You could also look at the entering of the belly of the whale moment as when Iron man flies inside one of the Leviathans just after he makes a line about Jonah and the whale.

Sacred Marriage

Previously Iron Man and Captain America didn’t get along but now they have a blood bond having saved each other’s life whilst trying to repair the helicarrier.

Atonement with the father

A father represents power, in this instance the father figure is Nick Fury, Iron man is now committed to working in The Avengers which is ‘at one with’ Nick Fury’s intention.


Tony works out Loki’s plan he’s going to use Stark tower and open the portal in New York

Ultimate boon/magic elixir

Finally The Avengers are ready to function as a cohesive team.  Loki “What have I to fear?”     Stark “The Avengers”

Magic flight/Pursuit

The fight over New York against the Chitauri

Crossing the return threshold

Tony selflessly guides the nuclear missile through the portal to destroy the army.  Iron man is now the perfect hero, someone who gives his own life to save others

Rescue from without

He falls helplessly to Earth unconscious and The Hulk jumps in to save him.

Master of two worlds

When he recovers from the fall he wants to take the team for a Shwarma and take tomorrow off.

Freedom to live

The Avengers go their separate ways but they are ready to be called upon if they’re ever needed again.