May 5, 2015

Avengers 2 – Three breakdowns – Hero’s Journey, Save the Cat and Anatomy of story 22 steps

Avengers 2 is a massive movie so I’ve done a massive breakdown using three popular templates; Hero’s Journey, Save the Cat and Anatomy of Story 22 steps. And also because I have delusions of grandeur and I like getting abused by total strangers on the internet I’ve included some thoughts on improving it’s structure. Hero’s journey  Call […]

Book, stage or screen?

This innovative course is the way to move your project forward and sometimes it might not be in the direction you already thought of. Samantha Napier, author of Dating the Alphabet and Gordon Napier AWG competition winner and writer/director of the feature film Hannah and the Hasbian will share their experiences in how they reinvented […]


The Terminator – Save the cat beat sheet


Opening Image – Machines crushing human skulls. Machines dominating humans in a futuristic world of no hope. Theme Stated – Sarah’s co-worker says “In a hundred years, who’s gonna care?” It implies that what they are doing today is unimportant but soon we are going to find out that we do today is going to […]