Direct Action! iPhone App

Direct Action! iPhone App

Created by Gordon Napier, Developed by Digital Hinge – Singapore iPhone Developer


What is Direct Action!?

The Direct Action! iPhone App is a native iPhone App targeted at actors, directors and filmmakers to assist them with scene objective discovery. The idea was inspired by and co-developed with award winning Australian screenwriter and director Gordon Napier.

At its core Direct Action! is a niche thesaurus app that helps users navigate the complex world of acting and discovering scene based emotions in a more intuitive format than regular thesauruses or dictionaries.

Users start by determining if the scene they are acting in will have be a negative, positive or controlling objective and the Direct Action! App provides more emotive words and actions to select from.



Select Positive Negative or Controlling to get started
Select Positive Negative or Controlling to get started


Work through by selecting the best word for your scene



After progressing through the selection screen the user will arrive at a word with a description to help them get to the root of the scene’s emotion and scene objective. This type of scene objective discovery is quite common in acting / filmmaking curriculum.


Arriving at the Scene Objective


However most Apps in this niche focus on learning scripts/lines, managing auditions or accessing movie agents so Direct Action! is quite a departure from whatkother Apps are available for actors, directors and filmmakers.



Lifting Actor’s Performances From The Ordinary To The Extraordinary!

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