Hero’s journey – Supernatural aid

Supernatural aid

Help is given to the hero from someone who is endowed with abilities beyond the normal. They may or may not give the hero some talisman to help him on the journey.

For some reason, e.g. too old, this guide is unable to complete the job ahead, the journey must be completed by the hero.

Can be used to highlight how hopelessly unprepared and outclassed the hero is for the journey.

Experienced heroes

Experienced heroes often have no physical Mentor instead their mentor takes the form of their conscience and the code of honor they live by.


Definition – Mysterious, not of this world, something beyond our current understanding

Synonyms – unearthly, weird, miraculous, rare, secret, transcendental, divine, omnipotent, religious


Definition – Help, support,

Synonyms – Advancement, alleviation, encouragement, guidance, promotion


Definition – A charm believed to have supernatural powers and bring good luck

Synonyms – Amulet, mascot, idol, image, symbol


Definition – A wise and trusted councilor or teacher

Synonyms – Advisor, master, guide


This stage represents assistance and push. It is a stage which conflicts with the Rejection of the call stage.

In Silence of the Lambs, Clarice Starling is an FBI trainee and Jack Crawford is the head of the Bureau’s Behavioural Science unit. In a classic story he would serve as the mentor for Clarice, he does serve this function to a degree, however, in a masterful stroke of story telling, Hannibal Lector- the serial killer is her mentor. He’s the one who gives her advice and assistance to help track down the killer and at the same time, overcome her own flaws.

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