Jurassic Park – The Hero’s journey breakdown

Jurassic Park – The Hero’s journey breakdown

Ordinary World
Grant is an archaeologist working on site digging up bones.

Call to Adventure
Hammond Grant to come see Jurassic Park

Refusal to Call
Grant refuses, as he’s just discovered a new skeleton.

Supernatural Aid
Hammond has created a world where dinosaurs exist. He’s going to take Grant there and teach a him lesson in life. Be careful what you wish for.

Crossing of the first threshold

Taking a helicopter ride and landing in the wildly exotic world of Jurasic Park.

Belly of the whale

Entering the ride where the secrets of DNA recovered from amber is revealed. This is the complete separation of the old world. The thing that has died is Grant’s concept of the limits of science.

Meeting with the Goddess

Grant meets with the children. This is the love story of Jurasic park, fatherly love. In return the children are what encourage his bravery in the story.

Road of the trials

The park goes offline and the power is out. The T Rex gets loose and Grant has to use his, up till now, theoretical knowledge of dinosaurs to save the lives of himself and the children.

Woman as temptress

The temptation in this story is expressed through Nedry. He shows what happens when you succumb to temptation and pays the price for it with his life.

Atonement with the father

Grant and Malcolm never got along. Malcolm based his theories on Chaos and gives dire warnings of the potential consequences. Grant sees the dinosaurs have laid eggs, Malcomb was right, he’s learnt that life will find a way.


Grant brings Tim back to life after he was killed on the electric fence. It’s a god like action to be able to resurrect someone.

Ultimate boon

Grant returns the kids to the safety of the headquarters of the resort.

Magic flight

The children and then the adults are hunted by the raptors inside the resort. They barely escape.

Rescue from without

The Raptors are about to kill them but the T Rex appears and kills the Raptors. This step is far more like deux ex machina than the stage Rescue from without usually is.

Master of two worlds

They have escaped and Ellie looks at Grant who is now comfortable with children with their arms draped over over each other.

Freedom to live

Grant looks out the window at birds migrating. Life goes on

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  1. There’s another guy who has done a number of hero’s journey breakdowns and they are just random events in the film next to stages of the Hero’s journey and make no sense to me. Your breakdowns are really good and they make me think about it more. If you get a chance could go through the top 100 films on IMDB?

  2. I don’t know who he’s talking about although sometimes I struggl with some interpretations as I think they’ve forced a square peg in a round hole to make it fit. If something is useful and it works then use it.

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