Kick-Ass The hero’s journey breakdown

Ordinary world

Dave Lizewski is just an ordinary young kid in New York. A standard nerd ignored by all the girls and into comic books. He ponders the notion as to why no one has ever just put on a costume and become a Superhero.

Call to Adventure

Dave gets mugged and has his phone and wallet stolen, again!

Refusal of the call

The refusal of the call comes from his friends Marty and Todd before the call to adventure, which is unusual. “Anyone who did that would just get their ass kicked. They’d be dead in a day.”

Supernatural Aid

Big Daddy is the Mentor for both Kick-Ass and Hit Girl.

Kick-Ass also has his powers increased by the surgery which has filled him full of metal plates and has frayed his nerve endings which means now has a higher pain threshold.

Crossing the First Threshold

Kick-Ass gets into a street fight and it goes viral online.

The Road of the trials

Learning how to be a Superhero when he’s really just a kid in a costume.

Meeting with the Goddess

He has a crush on Katie and she tells him about the drug dealer Rasul and he steps up to take on the drug dealer as the hero Kick-Ass

Belly of the whale

Kick-Ass tries to intimidate Rasul but fails and is captured. He is about to be castrated when Hit Girl comes in and rescues him

Woman as Temptress

Red Mist is the Temptress, Kick-Ass perceives his popularity as a threat to him. He’s jealous that Katie is excited by Red Mist and this exposes a weakness in him. When Red Mist contacts him, instead of ignoring him he agrees to meet. And then he exposes this threat


Hit Girl is resurrected and back from the dead after she was thought killed by gun shot and blown out of the window by Red Mist.

Death of the mentor

Big Daddy is captured and set on fire during his rescue by Hit Girl

Atonement with the Father

Kick-Ass tells Hit Girl it’s all over but has a moment of self reflection and agrees to help Hit Girl get revenge for the death of her father because he feels it’s the right thing to do.

Ultimate Boon

Kick-Ass gets access to all Big Daddy’s weaponry and has the power to be a real Superhero

The Magic flight

Hit Girl goes to D’Amico’s head quarters and kills al the guards and faces off against D’Amico.

Rescue from without

D’Amico is too strong for Hit Girl and is about to kill her when Kick-Ass kills D’Amico with a bazooka.

The crossing of the return Threshold

Mindy and Dave Return to school as ordinary students, leaving the world of crime fighting behind.

Master of two worlds

Mindy and Dave retire from crime fighting and live normal lives as students happy in the knowledge that their exploits have inspired other heroes and the city is a safer place.

Freedom to live

The epilogue is a reversal of Freedom to live which leads into the sequel. Red Mist becomes the Mother Fucker and swears revenge against the people who killed his father.

I love this film, it’s excellent and Nic Cage’s Adam West is perfect. It’s a comedy but also a Superhero story. Freedom to live as a reversal and playing the refusal of the call BEFORE the call are unique elements to this story. Otherwise everything plays out as a standard Hero’s journey.

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