Predator – The Hero’s journey breakdown


Ordinary world – Dutch is the leader of a team of mercenaries.

The Call to Adventure – They have to rescue some officials who went down over the border in enemy territory and they must take someone else with them. (Not the complete truth but it’s what they are told)

Refusal of the Call – Dutch is against it. His team works alone and they don’t want to take someone with them.

The Mentor/Talisman – There is no true Mentor in this story. He learns some things about the Predator from Anna and Indian Tracker Billie but he gets very little assistance and must rely on his skills as a soldier to suvive.

The First Threshold – A butterfly lands on the skin of the Predator and hint of it’s high tech camouflage is revealed. They are being hunted.

Belly of The Whale –.They attack the enemy camp and kill them, however, Dutch discovers that Dillon lied to them about the mission.  This marks the destruction of his relationship with his past.

The Road of Trials – The Predator begins killing them, but they can’t see it. They figure out it has camouflage and moves through the trees. They lay a trap for the Predator but it kills most of them, and chases after Dutch and Anna as they race towards the helicopter.

The Goddess – The closet person to the Goddess is Anna the prisoner, she inspires protective heroic acts in Dutch but this is only slight at best

Temptation – Dillin has succumbed to temptation. He used to be friends with Dutch but he’s ben corrupted by the system and has put the lives of the team in danger because he believes them to be expendible.

Atonement with the Father – Dutch disarms Anna to protect her when the Predator is about to kill her. This shows he knows the rules and he’s learnt how to play the game, He’s reconciled the two worlds of being a soldier and being the prey in this hunt.

Apotheosis – Dutch gets covered in mud and becomes invisible to the Predator. This is a God-like ability.

The Ultimate Boon – Dutch has discovered the Predator’s weakness and sets traps for the final confrontation.

The Magic Flight – Dutch fights the Predator, this time he has the advantage of being invisible. This is the big third

Rescue from Without – Comes from the Predator – The Predator could have killed him easily but instead gives him a chance by removing his advanced weaponry and armour to fight Dutch to the death in hand to hand combat.

The Return Threshold – The water washes the mud off Dutch and the Predator strips down to fight without armour. He’s lost his special ability and is now an ordinary human again.

Master of Two Worlds – Dutch kills the Predator

Freedom to Live – Dutch is rescued in the helicopter.




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