Save the cat beat sheet – Blade Runner

Save the cat Beat sheet – Blade Runner

Opening Image – City of the future is a giant industrial hell.

Theme stated – It’s a test. Can you tell if someone is human?

Set up – It’s a futuristic world. Deckard is reluctantly arrested and dragged into the office of his former boss

Catalyst -Deckard has to hunt down and kill four Replicants

Debate – Who are these replicants? Why are they coming back to Earth? What do they want with the Tyrell organisation? What if the machine (the replicant detection device) doesn’t work on the Nexus 6 replicants?

Break into two – Deckard goes to the head office at Tyrell orporation.

B Story – The B story is the love story between Deckard and Rachael. He meets her at Tyrell’s office and discovers she is a highly advanced replicant with implanted memories to make her think she’s real.

Fun and Games – Detective work. Deckard follows up clues. Analysing images hidden in a photo. A fish scale turns out to be a snake scale which gives him another lead to explore. The other side of the hunt shows the replicants closing in on their objectives, using violence against the frozen eye guy and then use the replicant Pris to seduce Sebastian. This brings them one step closer to Tyrell. The love story develops further between Deckard and Rachael when she turns up at his flat.

Midpoint – He kills the first replicant and is told he has to kill Rachael as well. The detective has become an executioner and his love interest has had her head put on the chopping block.

Bad guys close in – Deckard is nearly killed by Leon stuffing his fingers in to his eyes but is saved at the last moment by Rachael. The grip is tightening on Deckard, he is falling in love with Rachael, he has orders to kill her and she just saved his life.

All is lost – The All is lost moment is flipped onto Roy Batty, the leader of the replicants, he confronts Tyrell, his creator, and discovers that there is no way he can alter his destiny, he is going to die. In one last act of defiance he kills Tyrell. Everyone is doomed.

Break into Three – Deckard tracks down the replicants to Sebastian’s house and he kills Pris.

Gathering the team – There is no team, Deckard is on his own but he does strengthen his position to prepare for the finale.

Executing plan – He tries to kill Roy but he is no match for him physically.

High tower surprise – Roy has the chance to kill him but saves his life instead.

Dig down deep – He reflects on what has just happened and resolves end the life of being a Blade Runner.

Execution of new plan – Escape with Rachael and head north.

Final image – “It’s too bad she wont live for ever, but then again, who does.” He’s been given a chance to live by Gaff.

Compare this to Blade Runner – The hero’s journey

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