Spiderman – The Hero’s Journey breakdown


Ordinary World

Peter Parker is a nerdy kid at school. He’s an orphan with an unhappy life


Call to adventure

Peter gets bitten by a radioactive spider which gives him the abilities and proportionate strength of a spider


Refusal of the call

He doesn’t understand what the call is at this stage, so instead of using it to help people he uses it for selfish reasons.


Supernatural Aid

His Uncle Ben teaches him that with great power comes great responsibility


Crossing the first threshold

An early death of the mentor moment. Uncle Ben is killed by a thief and Peter hunts him down as Spiderman. Up until now his abilities have been a novelty and an opportunity to make some money to buy a car to get a girl.


Belly of the whale

Peter captures the man who killed his Uncle Ben and it turns out to be the thief he could have stopped but he said it wasn’t his problem. This moment signifies the old, selfish Peter is dead and a new righteous Peter is about to embark on the journey to become Spiderman the super hero.


Road of the trials

Learning how to use all his Spider skills and establishing his life in the city.


Meeting the Goddess

At school Mary Jane was the dream Queen but in the real world, she’s just another girl trying to be an actress having to work as a waitress. Throughout the rest of the story she will inspire protective and heroic acts.


Woman as Temptress

Green Goblin offers Spiderman the opportunity to join him and gives him a warning, in spite of everything he’s done for them, the public will turn on him.


Atonement with the father

The Atonement happens early in the film right after he avenges the murder of Uncle Ben. He understands the concept of great power and great responsibility and will take on the righteous life of Spiderman defending the citizens of New York against crime.



Peter learns that Green Goblin knows his identity and that everyone knows he loves MJ


Ultimate Boon

He’s able to tell MJ his true feelings about her, even though he’s used Spiderman to hide behind.


Rescue from without

New Yorkers save Spiderman from the Green Goblin by throwing debris at him.


Magic Flight

In combat against the Green Goblin, this battle tests all the abilities he has learnt and also his character, he can’t kill the Green Goblin because he is also the father of Peter’s best friend.


Crossing the return threshold

He’s come to the realization that no matter how hard he tries, the ones he loves will always be the ones who pay.  He’s a superhero now but the aren’t and he will have to protect them.


Master of two worlds

He loves Mary Jane and even though she has admitted to him that she loves him, his dream girl at the start of the film.  He tells her he doesn’t love her because he really does.


Freedom to live

Swinging through the city scape as Spiderman and he understands what Uncle Ben said “With great power comes great responsibility.”






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