Star Wars A new hope Hero’s journey


Star Wars Hero’s Journey

Ordinary world

A rebellion is struggling against the might of a ruthless empire and Luke is a humble farm boy yearning for a more exciting life

Call to adventure

Inside a droid he just bought, Luke discovers a hidden message to save the Princess

Meeting the Mentor

He is rescued by OBI Wan





Refusal of the call

Obi Wan asks him to become a Jedi but he refuses

Answering the call

His uncle and Aunt are killed and theres nothing left for him now

Crossing the Threshold

Going to Mos Eisley

Threshold Guardians

Empire Starships


Road of trials

Escape Tatooine, Jedi Training,


Captured by Death Star

Meeting the Goddess

Rescuing Princess Leia

Entering the belly of the whale

Jumping into the garbage compactor.

Dragon Battle

Attacked by the monster in the garbage crusher

Ritual death or dismemberment

Luke taken under water for a long time and believed dead

Sacred Marriage

He has become emotionally attached to Obi Wan

Atonement with or recognition by the father

Obi Wan allows himself to be killed because he knows Luke is ready


They have the plans the Death Star and used it to discover a weakness in construction

Ultimate Boon/Magic elixir

Luke is fighter pilot in an X-wing for the rebellion



Magic flight/pursuit

Flying along the surface of the death star trying to make the shot with Darth Vader in pursuit

Rescue from without

“You’re all clear kid now lets blow this thing and go home.”

Crossing the return threshold

Embraces Han and Leia back at the rebel base

Master of two worlds

Receives medal

Freedom to live

Death star destroyed and his friends have survived

This is my painting of Luke and his Uncle. See more of my Artwork of Girls and Comics

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