November 10, 2014

Up – The Hero’s Journey breakdown

Ordinary world Carl is a young boy with dreams of emulating his hero Charles Muntz Call to Adventure Carl meets Ellie and they promise to live a life of adventure Refusal of the call Everyday life seemed to get in the way of their plans Supernatural Aid Carl is an old man and the hero […]

The Dark Knight Rises – The Hero’s journey breakdown


Ordinary world Bruce Wayne lives the life of a hermit in his house. He’s no longer the Batman because as a result of the Harvey Dent act he’s not needed. Call to Adventure Bane commences his plan to purify the world by destroying Gotham. He is an opponent of unprecedented strength, which no ordinary human […]


Terminator 2: Judgement Day – The Hero’s journey breakdown


Ordinary world Sarah Connor is in a mental institution and John Connor is a juvenile delinquent. Call to Adventure The T-800 is sent back in time to protect John Connor, by John Connor’s future self, from the new model terminator the T-1000 Belly of the whale The motorcycle truck chase in the drain where John […]


When Harry met Sally – The Hero’s journey breakdown

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Ordinary world Harry and Sally have just graduated college and drive to New York to start the rest of their lives Call to Adventure Harry and Sally aren’t that compatible. Harry tells her that men and women can’t be friends. In romantic comedies there’s always a problem that keeps them from getting together, otherwise it’s […]