Batman Begins – The Hero’s journey stages

Batman Begins

Ordinary world

Bruce Wayne is the son of extraordinary wealthy parents and lives a sheltered life.

Call to Adventure

Bruce’s parents are murdered in front of him by a robber.

Refusal of the call

Bruce isn’t yet ready to take on the role of the Dark Knight, a man who can strike fear into criminals. Foolishly he takes a gun to kill the man who killed his parents but someone beats him to it. He needs to go on the journey first, to be worthy and to do that he must first learn what it is to be a criminal.

Supernatural Aid

Whilst in Bhutanese prison he meets Ra’s al Ghul and learns the ways of the League of Shadows.

Crossing the First Threshold

Bruce’s training begins, Teaching him how to fight but also giving him a code to live by.

The Road of the trials

The are two roads of the trials in Batman begins. The first is his training under Ra’s al Ghul where he learns his combat skills.

Meeting with the Goddess

Rachel Dawes is the assistant District Attorney and inspires Bruce to be good “It’s not who you are underneath. It’s what you do that defines you.”

Woman as Temptress

Ra’s al Ghul asks him to execute a prisoner as part of his training. Bruce refuses and destroys the League of Shadows head quarters.

Second Supernatural aid

Lucius Fox supplies him with all his high tech military devices

Belly of the whale

Bruce enters the well which was the source of his fear as a child and discovers a bat cave. He decides to own the bat as his symbol to inspire fear into Gotham’s criminals

The second Road of the trials

Bruce develops his high tech equipment and becomes the Batman. He jumps off a roof and realizes he needs to have the ability to fly and develops a cape that can let him glide. He’s also learning how the city and police operate which enables him to become Batman.

Atonement with the Father

Lucius learns that Bruce is Batman when he is poisoned by The Scarecrow and Alfred has to contact Lucius to create a cure for the toxin. Now Bruce and his mentor are both on the page are are ‘at one with’ each other.


Batman learns the plan to disperse the fear gas through a microwave dispersal in poison the entire city.

Ultimate Boon

He rescues Rachel in his Batcar while the police are in hot pursuit. He is no longer a struggling novice like he was earlier in the story. He is now a fully developed hero ready to take on Ra’s al Ghul.

The Death of the mentor

When Bruce discovers that Henri Ducard is really Ra’s al Ghul and then Ghul burns his house down.

The Magic flight

Bruce flies over the sealed off area of Gotham where criminals are running riot and then fights Ra’s al Ghul on the train to stop the toxin from being released onto the atmosphere, affecting everyone in the city.

Rescue from without

Gordon destroys the train bridge so the train cannot get to the centre and blow the city’s entire water supply.

The crossing of the return Threshold

Batman fights and Ra al Ghul, not as a student but as an equal.

Master of two worlds

“I’m not going to kill you but I don’t have to save you”

Freedom to live

Bruce buys his company back and Gotham has the Batman



Batman begins is brilliant story telling. Tricky, non-linear, and has two mentors and two separate road of the trials, this is unusual and very well executed.

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Spiderman – The Hero’s Journey breakdown


Ordinary World

Peter Parker is a nerdy kid at school. He’s an orphan with an unhappy life


Call to adventure

Peter gets bitten by a radioactive spider which gives him the abilities and proportionate strength of a spider


Refusal of the call

He doesn’t understand what the call is at this stage, so instead of using it to help people he uses it for selfish reasons.


Supernatural Aid

His Uncle Ben teaches him that with great power comes great responsibility


Crossing the first threshold

An early death of the mentor moment. Uncle Ben is killed by a thief and Peter hunts him down as Spiderman. Up until now his abilities have been a novelty and an opportunity to make some money to buy a car to get a girl.


Belly of the whale

Peter captures the man who killed his Uncle Ben and it turns out to be the thief he could have stopped but he said it wasn’t his problem. This moment signifies the old, selfish Peter is dead and a new righteous Peter is about to embark on the journey to become Spiderman the super hero.


Road of the trials

Learning how to use all his Spider skills and establishing his life in the city.


Meeting the Goddess

At school Mary Jane was the dream Queen but in the real world, she’s just another girl trying to be an actress having to work as a waitress. Throughout the rest of the story she will inspire protective and heroic acts.


Woman as Temptress

Green Goblin offers Spiderman the opportunity to join him and gives him a warning, in spite of everything he’s done for them, the public will turn on him.


Atonement with the father

The Atonement happens early in the film right after he avenges the murder of Uncle Ben. He understands the concept of great power and great responsibility and will take on the righteous life of Spiderman defending the citizens of New York against crime.



Peter learns that Green Goblin knows his identity and that everyone knows he loves MJ


Ultimate Boon

He’s able to tell MJ his true feelings about her, even though he’s used Spiderman to hide behind.


Rescue from without

New Yorkers save Spiderman from the Green Goblin by throwing debris at him.


Magic Flight

In combat against the Green Goblin, this battle tests all the abilities he has learnt and also his character, he can’t kill the Green Goblin because he is also the father of Peter’s best friend.


Crossing the return threshold

He’s come to the realization that no matter how hard he tries, the ones he loves will always be the ones who pay.  He’s a superhero now but the aren’t and he will have to protect them.


Master of two worlds

He loves Mary Jane and even though she has admitted to him that she loves him, his dream girl at the start of the film.  He tells her he doesn’t love her because he really does.


Freedom to live

Swinging through the city scape as Spiderman and he understands what Uncle Ben said “With great power comes great responsibility.”






Predator – The Hero’s journey breakdown


Ordinary world – Dutch is the leader of a team of mercenaries.

The Call to Adventure – They have to rescue some officials who went down over the border in enemy territory and they must take someone else with them. (Not the complete truth but it’s what they are told)

Refusal of the Call – Dutch is against it. His team works alone and they don’t want to take someone with them.

The Mentor/Talisman – There is no true Mentor in this story. He learns some things about the Predator from Anna and Indian Tracker Billie but he gets very little assistance and must rely on his skills as a soldier to suvive.

The First Threshold – A butterfly lands on the skin of the Predator and hint of it’s high tech camouflage is revealed. They are being hunted.

Belly of The Whale –.They attack the enemy camp and kill them, however, Dutch discovers that Dillon lied to them about the mission.  This marks the destruction of his relationship with his past.

The Road of Trials – The Predator begins killing them, but they can’t see it. They figure out it has camouflage and moves through the trees. They lay a trap for the Predator but it kills most of them, and chases after Dutch and Anna as they race towards the helicopter.

The Goddess – The closet person to the Goddess is Anna the prisoner, she inspires protective heroic acts in Dutch but this is only slight at best

Temptation – Dillin has succumbed to temptation. He used to be friends with Dutch but he’s ben corrupted by the system and has put the lives of the team in danger because he believes them to be expendible.

Atonement with the Father – Dutch disarms Anna to protect her when the Predator is about to kill her. This shows he knows the rules and he’s learnt how to play the game, He’s reconciled the two worlds of being a soldier and being the prey in this hunt.

Apotheosis – Dutch gets covered in mud and becomes invisible to the Predator. This is a God-like ability.

The Ultimate Boon – Dutch has discovered the Predator’s weakness and sets traps for the final confrontation.

The Magic Flight – Dutch fights the Predator, this time he has the advantage of being invisible. This is the big third

Rescue from Without – Comes from the Predator – The Predator could have killed him easily but instead gives him a chance by removing his advanced weaponry and armour to fight Dutch to the death in hand to hand combat.

The Return Threshold – The water washes the mud off Dutch and the Predator strips down to fight without armour. He’s lost his special ability and is now an ordinary human again.

Master of Two Worlds – Dutch kills the Predator

Freedom to Live – Dutch is rescued in the helicopter.




Save the cat beat sheet – Blade Runner

Save the cat Beat sheet – Blade Runner

Opening Image – City of the future is a giant industrial hell.

Theme stated – It’s a test. Can you tell if someone is human?

Set up – It’s a futuristic world. Deckard is reluctantly arrested and dragged into the office of his former boss

Catalyst -Deckard has to hunt down and kill four Replicants

Debate – Who are these replicants? Why are they coming back to Earth? What do they want with the Tyrell organisation? What if the machine (the replicant detection device) doesn’t work on the Nexus 6 replicants?

Break into two – Deckard goes to the head office at Tyrell orporation.

B Story – The B story is the love story between Deckard and Rachael. He meets her at Tyrell’s office and discovers she is a highly advanced replicant with implanted memories to make her think she’s real.

Fun and Games – Detective work. Deckard follows up clues. Analysing images hidden in a photo. A fish scale turns out to be a snake scale which gives him another lead to explore. The other side of the hunt shows the replicants closing in on their objectives, using violence against the frozen eye guy and then use the replicant Pris to seduce Sebastian. This brings them one step closer to Tyrell. The love story develops further between Deckard and Rachael when she turns up at his flat.

Midpoint – He kills the first replicant and is told he has to kill Rachael as well. The detective has become an executioner and his love interest has had her head put on the chopping block.

Bad guys close in – Deckard is nearly killed by Leon stuffing his fingers in to his eyes but is saved at the last moment by Rachael. The grip is tightening on Deckard, he is falling in love with Rachael, he has orders to kill her and she just saved his life.

All is lost – The All is lost moment is flipped onto Roy Batty, the leader of the replicants, he confronts Tyrell, his creator, and discovers that there is no way he can alter his destiny, he is going to die. In one last act of defiance he kills Tyrell. Everyone is doomed.

Break into Three – Deckard tracks down the replicants to Sebastian’s house and he kills Pris.

Gathering the team – There is no team, Deckard is on his own but he does strengthen his position to prepare for the finale.

Executing plan – He tries to kill Roy but he is no match for him physically.

High tower surprise – Roy has the chance to kill him but saves his life instead.

Dig down deep – He reflects on what has just happened and resolves end the life of being a Blade Runner.

Execution of new plan – Escape with Rachael and head north.

Final image – “It’s too bad she wont live for ever, but then again, who does.” He’s been given a chance to live by Gaff.

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The Hero’s Journey – Apotheosis


Apotheosis is the expansion of consciousness that the hero experiences after defeating a foe.The Hero has the ability to do something which ordinary people can not. They are capable of doing things which their old self could not.

He has discovered his life’s purpose and come to a realization about the world and his position of greatness in it. Now, with his consciousness expanded, he is vastly different from the man he was at the beginning of the journey. He can see things others can’t see and do things others can’t do.

Often this means his focus has shifted from himself and puts the welfare of others above his own. It can happen at the end of the second Act and give him the ability to face the rigours of Act III or it can happen at the end of Act III as part of the climax.

In The Matrix when Neo experiences his Apotheosis, he acknowledges he is The One. Suddenly he is able to see the code and is able to unleash the almighty power he had within him all the time.

Neo becomes The One

Apotheosis – Elevation to devine rank or stature

Role model, saint, ideal, paragon, deification

How to use it in your writing

Has your hero experienced some sort of death, something has ended and a new life can begin?

Has your character had an Ah Ha moment where they have a new level of understanding?

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