July 26, 2013

Superman The Hero’s Journey breakdown

Superman Ordinary world Zod is imprisoned. Jor-El tells the council that their planet is about to explode Call to Adventure Jor-El sends his son to Planet Earth to save his life when their planet is about to explode. Refusal of the call Lara implores him not to send him Supernatural Aid Jor El gives his […]

The Hero’s Journey – Apotheosis


Apotheosis Apotheosis is the expansion of consciousness that the hero experiences after defeating a foe.The Hero has the ability to do something which ordinary people can not. They are capable of doing things which their old self could not. He has discovered his life’s purpose and come to a realization about the world and his […]


Hero’s journey – Crossing the first Threshold


Crossing of the first Threshold The hero agrees to take on the journey, often reluctantly or because external forces have given him no other choice. This is the point of no return, a moment of commitment and change, leaving behind the old and accepting the new. New opportunities, new dangers. It is significant in that […]