Star Wars A new hope Hero’s journey


Star Wars Hero’s Journey

Ordinary world

A rebellion is struggling against the might of a ruthless empire and Luke is a humble farm boy yearning for a more exciting life

Call to adventure

Inside a droid he just bought, Luke discovers a hidden message to save the Princess

Meeting the Mentor

He is rescued by OBI Wan





Refusal of the call

Obi Wan asks him to become a Jedi but he refuses

Answering the call

His uncle and Aunt are killed and theres nothing left for him now

Crossing the Threshold

Going to Mos Eisley

Threshold Guardians

Empire Starships


Road of trials

Escape Tatooine, Jedi Training,


Captured by Death Star

Meeting the Goddess

Rescuing Princess Leia

Entering the belly of the whale

Jumping into the garbage compactor.

Dragon Battle

Attacked by the monster in the garbage crusher

Ritual death or dismemberment

Luke taken under water for a long time and believed dead

Sacred Marriage

He has become emotionally attached to Obi Wan

Atonement with or recognition by the father

Obi Wan allows himself to be killed because he knows Luke is ready


They have the plans the Death Star and used it to discover a weakness in construction

Ultimate Boon/Magic elixir

Luke is fighter pilot in an X-wing for the rebellion



Magic flight/pursuit

Flying along the surface of the death star trying to make the shot with Darth Vader in pursuit

Rescue from without

“You’re all clear kid now lets blow this thing and go home.”

Crossing the return threshold

Embraces Han and Leia back at the rebel base

Master of two worlds

Receives medal

Freedom to live

Death star destroyed and his friends have survived

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Star Wars A new hope John Truby 22 steps


Star Wars John Truby 22 Steps


  1. Self revelation, need and desire
    1. Self revelation – doesn’t believe in himself
    2. Psychological need – Realise his potential
    3. Moral need – stop feeling sorry for himself and get in the game
    4. Desire – get out of his boring life
  2. Ghost and story world
    1. Ghost World– “He’s not a farmer, there’s too much of his father in him”
    2. Story World – Barren world devoid of excitement.
  3. Weakness and need
    1. Weakness – feels trapped, stifled, helpless
    2. Psycological need – realize his potential
    3. Moral need – stop feeling sorry and get in the game
    4. Problem – stuck on a farm working for his Uncle
  4. Inciting incident
    1. Discovery of the hidden hologram in one of the droids he just bought
  5. Desire
    1. To get out of his boring life “If there’s a bright centre in the Universe then this is the place it’s farthest from”
  6. Ally or Allies
    1. Obi Wan, the droids
  7. Opponent and or mystery
    1. Darth Vader – He keeps him on the run by hunting after his droids, he kills his mentor and attempts to blast him  before he can destroy the death star.
  8. Fake Ally opponent
    1. Han Solo – originally he’s just in it for the money and himself but by the end joins Luke and helps him succeed.
  9. First revelation and decision: Changed desire and motive
    1. Revelation – The storm troopers have killed his Aunt and Uncle
    2. Decision – Join Obi Wan on his mission
    3. Changed desire – learn how to become a Jedi
    4. Changed motive – “There’s nothing for me here now”

10. Plan

  1. Get to Alderaan and begin training as a Jedi and learn the ways of the force

11. Opponent’s plan and main counter attack

  1. Find the droids with the plans
  2. Get Princess Leia to reveal location of the base
  3. Destroy Alderaan

12. Drive

  1. Get to Alderaan but the Empire has destroyed it
  2. Get away from Death Star but tractor beam drags them in
  3. Luke wants to stay with Obi Wan but they have to split up
  4. Stay hidden but they are going to kill the Princess if they don’t rescue her
  5. Get back to the Falcon but the Storm Troopers are chasing them

13. Attack by an ally

  1. Ally Criticism – Han tells Luke not to get any funny ideas about rescuing the Princess
  2. Hero’s justification – They’ll kill her if we don’t act

14. Apparent defeat

  1. Obi Wan is killed

15. Second revelation and decision: obsessive Drive, Changed desire and motive

  1. Revelation – There is a chance to destroy the death with an almost impossible shot
  2. Decision – Take part  in the assault on the Death Star
  3. Changed desire – destroy the Death Star
  4. Obsessive drive – Han tempts him with the life of an adventurer but he recommits himself to the mission
  5. Changed motive – He must join the Rebellion and save it

16. Audience revelation

  1. There is a tracking device on board the Falcon and the Death Star is coming to destroy the Rebel base

17. Third revelation and decision

  1. Revelation – The Death Star is minutes away from destroying the rebel base
  2. Decision – Unchanged, he still wants to destroy the Death star but the situation is now urgent

18. Gate, Gauntlet, visit to Death

  1. Vader chases Luke down the trench, killing his friend and disabling Artoo trying to destroy him before Luke has a chance to destroy the Death Star “I have you now” (this step happens after the battle)

19. Battle

  1. Luke is almost killed twice during the assault on the Death Star before making the trench run

20. Self revelation

  1. Psychological self revelation – He has within him what it takes to be a hero
  2. Moral self revelation – A hero must be willing to sacrifice everything to save others

21. Moral decision

  1. Uses the force to make the shot

22. New Equilibrium

  1. Luke is a hero and the Force is with him
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Star Wars A new hope Save the Cat beat sheet


Star Wars Save the Cat beat sheet

Opening image

Tiny rebel ship verses the might of the gigantic Empire

Theme Stated

“Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope”

The situation is dire, a hero is needed before all is lost.

Set up

Two droids escape with plans and land on the same planet as Luke, the farmer


Buys two droids which have a hidden message


“You can waste time with your friends once your chores are done”

Obi Wan asks him to learn the ways of the Jedi but he refuses

Break into Two

Mos Eisley Space port. Luke is completely out of his element. Criminals want to fight him and they have to negotiate a deal with a smuggler.

B story

Luke yearns for adventure at the start of the film and meets Han Solo who lives a life of adventure but Luke believe his morals and ethics are corrupt. Han thinks he’s just a farm boy. They don’t respect each other. Ultimately they will earn each other’s respect. Han will display he is a moral character to Luke and Luke will prove he’s not just some stupid farm boy “Great shot kid that was one in a million”

Fun and Games

Escape tattooine, make Hyperspace, begins Jedi training, Alderaan destroyed,


Captured by death star

Bad guys close in

Leia is to be killed,  They rescue her and barely escape the pursuit by the storm troopers

All is lost

Ben commits a form of seppuku and allows Vader to strike a fatal blow.

Dark night of the soul

Whilst Luke mourns the death of his mentor he must fight an attack of tie fighters and the Empire is tracking them. “It will be a day long remembered, it has seen the end of Obi Wan, it will soon see the end of the rebellion.”

Break into three

After analyzing the plans they devise an attack which requires a near impossible shot from an x-wing. Ticking clock introduced here in the form of the death star coming into range from behind Planet Yavin

Gathering the team

Pilots board their X wings, Artoo installed on board, Han asked to join but refuses. All fighters call in, Red five standing by.

Executing plan

Dog fights with tie fighters over the death star and attempts at making the shot on the exhaust port. It’s not easy and rebels are killed, Luke is nearly killed twice

High tower surprise

The team leader makes the shot but it just impacts on the surface (No Princess – the symbolic reward) and then he’s killed

Dig down deep

Luke has to step up and be the one who makes the shot. He loses his wingmen and Artto and is the Rebels only hope.

Execution of new plan

Use the force Luke. He’s going to attempt the shot without targeting computers. Han shoots the fighters on Luke’s tail and Luke makes the shot.

Final Image

Luke has been transformed into the honored hero and the rebellion rejoices


The Empire strikes back/Return of the Jedi Breakdown






The Avengers Save the cat beat sheet



1. Opening Image

The Tesseract, another world, aliens and the world burning.

2. Theme Stated  

“As of this moment we are at war”

3. Set-Up  

SHEILD, a military organization, has no idea of what is going on with the Tesseract and when Loki arrives through a portal they are easily defeated. This is no ordinary opponent and they are going to need help.

4. Catalyst

Loki has arrived from another world and has stolen the Tesseract, they are hopelessly outgunned and Nick Fury wants to assemble his response team The Avengers

5. Debate

Gathering the individual members of The Avengers.

“I can’t I’m in the middle of an interrogation” Black Widow

“What if I don’t want to” Bruce Banner.

Iron Man doesn’t want to meet with Coulson or get involved.

“You should have left it in the ocean” Captain America

6. Break into Two

The team are united on the Helicarrier but it is false unification because “We’re not a team, we’re a time bomb”

7. B Story

The A story is stop Loki and recapture the Tesseract. The B story is the heroes having to learn to work together as a team.

8. Fun and Games

Fights between members of the avengers and themselves and against Loki

9. Midpoint

Loki’s plan has been uncovered, gather the Avengers together and unleash the hulk on them. The Avengers argue with each other until the Helicarrier is attacked.

10. Bad Guys Close In

Led by Hawkeye, a group of soldiers attack the Helicarrier and Iron Man and Captain America have to repair the ship

11. All Is Lost

The Hulk and Thor have been removed from the group. The Helicarrier is disabled.

12. Dark Night of the Soul

Agent Coulson has been killed and Loki has escaped. Tony tells Cap they are not soldiers.

13. Break into Three

Tony Stark figures out the invasion will be in New York and they have to get the team there.

14. Finale

They can’t stop the portal from opening and the invasion begins

Rally the troops The Avengers unite

Storm the castle The Avengers battle the army and hold their own against them.

High tower surprise; When victory is in the balance they get betrayed by SHEILD command and a nuclear missile is launched on New YorkThis is when A and B stories unite as Fury goes against orders to protect The Avengers.

Dig down deep; Iron Man makes the self sacrificing move and goes through the portal hole on a one way mission

Victory or defeat: Iron Man sends the nuclear missile into the mother ship and the Hulk rescues him before he crashes into the ground.

15. Final Image

Loki is captured, the Tesseract secured and The Avengers are a team, ready to answer the call next time it comes


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