The Avengers John Truby 22 steps breakdown

The Avengers John Truby 22 Steps


1.    Self revelation, need and desire

  1. Self revelation – Tony realizes what it truly means to be a hero by being part of The Avengers
  2. Psychological need – over come his narcissistic behavior
  3. Moral need – Tony needs to become a team player to be the best superhero he can be
  4. Desire – to save the world

2.    Ghost and story world

  1. Ghost World– Because of his genius, wealth and power he’s never had to rely on anyone
  2. Story World – It’s a world where superheroes, advanced technologies and aliens exist

3.    Weakness and need

  1. Weakness – volatile, self obsessed narcissist
  2. Psycological need – overcome his narcissistic behavior
  3. Moral need – Tony needs to become a team player to be the best super hero he can be
  4. Problem – Loki and his army are a greater threat than he can handle by himself

4.    Inciting incident

  1. Tony Stark is asked to join The Avengers

5.    Desire

  1. He wants live the billionaire lifestyle and he’s enjoying creating a clean energy power source for the world. He’s taken himself “off the grid” making himself independent

6.    Ally or Allies

    1. The Avengers

7.    Opponent and or mystery

  1. Loki and his mission to conquer Earth. His plan involves tricking The Avengers into fighting each other

8.    Fake Ally opponent

  1. SHEILD and Nick Fury – Although Nick Fury wasn’t completely honest with them, he protects them when SHEILD command abandons them and launches a nuclear missile against them

9.    First revelation and decision: Changed desire and motive

  1. Revelation – Tony studies all the information SHEILD gave him and realizes they are all in over their heads.
  2. Decision – Join The Avengers
  3. Changed desire – Get the Tesseract cube off Loki
  4. Changed motive – Protect the world from the dangers the Tesseract presents in the wrong hands

10. Plan


  1. Help catch Loki and then track down the location of the Tessearact

11. Opponent’s plan and main counter attack

  1. Activate the Tesseract
  2. Lull the Avengers into a false sense of security by allowing himself to be captured
  3. Have the Avengers fight amongst themselves
  4. Unleash the Hulk to destroy everyone

12. Drive

  1. Track down the Tesseract
  2. Come in take control like a rockstar
  3. He’s trying to work out what SHEILD’s real plan is
  4. Nick Fury’s plan Torture Loki to reveal information

13. Attack by an ally

  1. Ally Criticism – Captain tells Iron man “The only thing you really fight for is yourself. You’re not the guy to make the sacrifice play, to lay down on the wire and let the other guy crawl all over you” and “You may not be a threat but you better stop pretending to be a hero”
  2. Hero’s justification – “(I’m a) genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.” And “Following (orders is) not my style.”

14. Apparent defeat

  1. Hawkeye disables the Helicarrier
  2. The Hulk is unleashed and fights Black Widow and Thor and in the process is destroying the Helicarrier
  3. Agent Coulson is killed
  4. Thor is dropped to Earth in the glass cell
  5. Loki escapes
  6. Computers down and lost track of Tesseract
  7. “Your heroes are scattered. Your floating fortress falls from the sky”

15. Second revelation and decision: obsessive Drive, Changed desire and motive

  1. Revelation – Stark works out Loki’s plan of divide and conquer and that he is going to use Stark building in New York to open the portal
  2. Decision – Get to New York
  3. Changed desire – Be a hero
  4. Obsessive drive – Faces Loki without armor and then takes on the invading army by himself
  5. Changed motive – Stop the army invasion

16. Audience revelation

  1. Fury used Coulson’s death as motivation to unite them

17. Third revelation and decision

  1. Revelation – The team has been assembled
  2. Decision – Truly become part of the team “Call it Captain” and he’s ready to take orders

18. Gate, Gauntlet, visit to Death

  1. Iron man flies through the portal and launches the nuke into the mothership

19. Battle

  1. Avengers battle the invasion army and Loki

20. Self revelation

  1. Psychological self revelation – He has within him what it takes to be a hero
  2. Moral self revelation – A hero must be willing to sacrifice everything to save others

21. Moral decision

  1. Take the nuke through the portal even though this is a one way ticket

22. New Equilibrium

  1. The Avengers are a team which can be called upon when needed






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