The Avengers Save the cat beat sheet



1. Opening Image

The Tesseract, another world, aliens and the world burning.

2. Theme Stated  

“As of this moment we are at war”

3. Set-Up  

SHEILD, a military organization, has no idea of what is going on with the Tesseract and when Loki arrives through a portal they are easily defeated. This is no ordinary opponent and they are going to need help.

4. Catalyst

Loki has arrived from another world and has stolen the Tesseract, they are hopelessly outgunned and Nick Fury wants to assemble his response team The Avengers

5. Debate

Gathering the individual members of The Avengers.

“I can’t I’m in the middle of an interrogation” Black Widow

“What if I don’t want to” Bruce Banner.

Iron Man doesn’t want to meet with Coulson or get involved.

“You should have left it in the ocean” Captain America

6. Break into Two

The team are united on the Helicarrier but it is false unification because “We’re not a team, we’re a time bomb”

7. B Story

The A story is stop Loki and recapture the Tesseract. The B story is the heroes having to learn to work together as a team.

8. Fun and Games

Fights between members of the avengers and themselves and against Loki

9. Midpoint

Loki’s plan has been uncovered, gather the Avengers together and unleash the hulk on them. The Avengers argue with each other until the Helicarrier is attacked.

10. Bad Guys Close In

Led by Hawkeye, a group of soldiers attack the Helicarrier and Iron Man and Captain America have to repair the ship

11. All Is Lost

The Hulk and Thor have been removed from the group. The Helicarrier is disabled.

12. Dark Night of the Soul

Agent Coulson has been killed and Loki has escaped. Tony tells Cap they are not soldiers.

13. Break into Three

Tony Stark figures out the invasion will be in New York and they have to get the team there.

14. Finale

They can’t stop the portal from opening and the invasion begins

Rally the troops The Avengers unite

Storm the castle The Avengers battle the army and hold their own against them.

High tower surprise; When victory is in the balance they get betrayed by SHEILD command and a nuclear missile is launched on New YorkThis is when A and B stories unite as Fury goes against orders to protect The Avengers.

Dig down deep; Iron Man makes the self sacrificing move and goes through the portal hole on a one way mission

Victory or defeat: Iron Man sends the nuclear missile into the mother ship and the Hulk rescues him before he crashes into the ground.

15. Final Image

Loki is captured, the Tesseract secured and The Avengers are a team, ready to answer the call next time it comes


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