The Female Avengers

The Female Avengers would be insane. Insanely awesome.


A potentially awesome limited series from Marvel

I like the idea of setting it in an alternate universe and having a cross over with male Avengers.

Obligatory fight scenes between both sides of the Avengers and even more obligatory love scenes. Basically I can imagine Tony Stark saying “Hey check it out, I’m hot.”

Only once the male and female versions work out how to co-exist and compliment each other can they defeat the evil etc etc.

This film would go bananas at the box office.

It would also be a cool limited series like Marvel Zombies or Marvel Apes.

She-Hulk already exists and could be the lynch pin of the story, being the one who crosses over, maybe it has her debating on whether to live in this universe or the alternate universe where women rule.

Please help support this idea and hassle Marvel until they make it.


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