The Hero’s Journey – Apotheosis


Apotheosis is the expansion of consciousness that the hero experiences after defeating a foe.The Hero has the ability to do something which ordinary people can not. They are capable of doing things which their old self could not.

He has discovered his life’s purpose and come to a realization about the world and his position of greatness in it. Now, with his consciousness expanded, he is vastly different from the man he was at the beginning of the journey. He can see things others can’t see and do things others can’t do.

Often this means his focus has shifted from himself and puts the welfare of others above his own. It can happen at the end of the second Act and give him the ability to face the rigours of Act III or it can happen at the end of Act III as part of the climax.

In The Matrix when Neo experiences his Apotheosis, he acknowledges he is The One. Suddenly he is able to see the code and is able to unleash the almighty power he had within him all the time.

Neo becomes The One

Apotheosis – Elevation to devine rank or stature

Role model, saint, ideal, paragon, deification

How to use it in your writing

Has your hero experienced some sort of death, something has ended and a new life can begin?

Has your character had an Ah Ha moment where they have a new level of understanding?

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