The Hero’s journey – Freedom to live

Freedom to live

Freedom to live means freedom from negative emotions which pull the hero away from living in the moment. Negative emotions such frustration, sadness, shame, fear, depression, doubt and despair are banished and instead he is able to celebrate the victory.

They are awarded with some high level of success as dictated by the world in which he lives, it may be that he becomes king, he gets the girl, gets the promotion, sees the bully get dragged off to detention.


Star Wars has the big medal ceremony to acknowledge their bravery and success in destroying the Death Star.

Aliens – Ripley escapes with her life and her loved ones.

And they all lived happily ever after.


Freedom – the power to think, speak, act as you wish without restraint. Not imprisoned or enslaved.

Liberty, independence, abandon


Live – to enjoy being alive

Delight, prosper, experience, love, pleasure, thrive


How to use it in your writing

What is success for your hero? Have you set up from the start? Is this moment a reflection of what he was like in the opening scene of the film?

Has your hero truly earned this moment?

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