The Hero’s journey – Meeting with the Goddess

Meeting of the Goddess

A unification with someone, it doesn’t have to be a woman but most likely is but it also includes self unification. It’s a stage where the hero receives a boost or support from love, specifically unconditional love, which means it is accepting of the good and the bad in someone, accepting both the bliss and the pain, the pleasure and the suffering.  Meeting someone who completes you, your opposite.

The Goddess also symbolizes the end goal of a better life that there is something above mundane and the dangerous something that makes life worth living. She is the hero’s muse, an inspiration for taking the heroic action.

In Blade Runner, Deckard’s job is to hunt down and eliminate Replicants. He meets Rachael, she’s had memory implants and doesn’t know she’s a Replicant. Even though she is what he must kill, he falls in love with her, he accepts her for what she is, good and bad.

In Star Wars A new Hope, Luke learns of Princess Leia’s detention and plans for extermination. She inspires him to not just wait where they were safe but to rescue her. She is leading a life he aspires to, she’s a rebel taking up the cause against the Empire and, as is often the case, she is in some exalted role of Princess.


Meeting – the act of coming together

Encounter, confront, rendezvous, merging, confluence, intersect, unite


Goddess – A female deity, a greatly admired or adored woman with extraordinary beauty and charm

Idol, creator, saint, model, superstar, spirit, seductress


Love – A passionate, personal attachment to someone.

Adulation, affection, respect, amour, devotion


Unify – to make or become a single unit.

Combine, merge, fuse, gather, intensify


Opposite – being the other of two related or corresponding things.

Unlike, conflicting, flip-side, different, diverse


How to use in your writing

Is your love story just two people getting together or is it a unification where they complete each other?

Does your hero find support or inspiration when meeting the Goddess?

Does the goddess represent a dilemma where the hero must sacrifice something to accept the good and the bad of someone?

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