The Hero’s journey – The crossing of the return Threshold

The crossing of the return Threshold

The crossing of the return Threshold brings to a conclusion what began at the crossing of the first Threshold; in the same way the Ultimate Boon relates to the Call to adventure.

It’s the moment when he has figured out what it takes to be a hero and is willing to do it.  From this point on, for the rest of his life, he’s finally worked out the kind of person he’s going to be.

Often there is one more final foe to be defeated here.


Save the Cat describes the three Acts as;

Act I – Thesis – describing what is.

Act II – Anti Thesis – turning his world upside down.

Act III – Synthesis – the combination of the two worlds.


The Crossing of the Return threshold is the moment when the hero has the willing and wisdom to bring them together.


The Incredibles – The Incredibles united together and defeated the Omnidroid. Crossing the return threshold is when they return to their house and discover Syndrome has abducted Jack Jack.


Return – To come back from where you’ve been

Restore, give back, come back, revert, get back


Definition – Opening; beginning

Boundary, point of departure, starting point, dawn, door, verge, brink, entrance


How to use it in your writing

Have you combined the wisdom the hero has learnt during the adventure into a moment to signify how the hero is going live his life from this point on?

Be aware that this stage can happen during the final big battle or just after the big battle.

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