The Trickster

Loki – is a shape shifter, he can change his appearance to various animals and also project his image elsewhere to fool people into thinking that something is the reality when in fact it is not. He isn’t as strong as other heroes and has to use his wit and deception to gain advantage. For example in The Avengers when he’s in combat with Thor, he’s losing and pretends momentarily to let Thor believe that he is considering turning against the invading alien army and joining Thor. For a moment Thor believes this and this allows Loki to stab him with a hidden knife.


Brer Rabbit is another good example of the Trickster. He’s much smaller than the fox and when he’s captured he tricks the fox into throwing him into the briar patch because he tells him that would be the worst thing he could do to him when really it was the best thing to do to him.

Tricksters can be funny and make a fool out of authority figures or bring oppressors down to size with wit and intelligence instead of violence or strengh.

Tricksters can also be anarchists causing trouble for the sake of it. “Some men just want to watch the world burn.”


The key to the Trickster is that he can be clever and mischievous or a foolish clown or an entertainer but at his core he likes to upset, use reversals and surprises to ply his trade.



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