Thor – The Hero’s journey breakdown

The Hero’s Journey in Thor



The Call to Adventure Thor is about to be crowned King but Loki lets the Frost Giants in to Asgard to steal the Tesseract during the ceremony.

Refusal of the Call Thor refuses to act as a wise king and instead, recklessly attacks the Frost Giants

Supernatural Aid Odin appears and instead of joining his son in battle, apologizes to the Frost Giants and retreats.

The Crossing of the First Threshold Odin expels Thor from Asgard and banishes him to Earth.

The Belly of the Whale Thor has been made mortal, Thor, the God, has died



The Road of Trials Thor’s must adapt to the Earth and its ways. He is a fish out of water.

The Meeting with the Goddess He meets Jane and falls in love with her.

Woman as the Temptress Thor realizes he has fallen in love with Jane and it strays him from his quest for a moment when he spends some time with her.

Atonement with the Father Loki tells Thor his father has died, Thor regrets disobeying him and realizes his father was right. (At-one-with the father – he acknowledges his father was right, they are in agreement)

Apotheosis Thor faces the Destroyer and offers his own life in return for Loki sparing the Earthlings.

The Ultimate Boon He has proved himself worthy of holding aloft the Mjolnir and destroys the Destroyer



Refusal of the Return He doesn’t want to leave Jane but realizes he must return to Asgard to defeat Loki.

The Crossing of the Return Threshold He returns to Asgard, not the reckless warrior he once was but instead has a plan.

Master of the Two Worlds Thor destroys the Rainbow Bridge, he has protected Earth from Loki but in doing so has had to sacrifice being with his love, Jane. Doing what is right for your people does not aways mean what is best for yourself.

Freedom to Live Thor has learnt what it means to be a wise ruler and is grateful to his father for the lesson learnt.


This is an excellent example of the Hero’s journey; its only flaw was when Thor was so easily defeated by the Destroyer. After the valiant efforts of Lady Sif and the Warriors three I would have liked Thor to step in and save them. Then, having nearly beaten the Destroyer, even in his mortal form, force Loki to have to resort to taking Jane hostage, then Thor could offer himself as a sacrifice.

This is my art work from Thor 2. Please stop by and check out my other art work pages herethor copy

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