X-men The Hero’s Journey

Ordinary world

It’s a world where mutants exist and there is a political movement against them.

Call to Adventure

Rogue asks Wolverine for help

Refusal of the call

Initially Wolverine isn’t interested in helping her.

Supernatural Aid

Wolverine meets Charles Xavier when he wakes up in school for Mutants

Crossing the First Threshold

Wolverine agrees to stay at the school.

The Road of the trials

Wolverine struggles to fit in and accidentally stabs Rogue, she’s tricked into running away by Mystic and Wolverine goes after her.

Belly of the whale

Whilst in the train Magneto mangles Wolverine’s admantium frame.

Meeting with the Goddess

Rogue is the Goddess in this story, she inspires Wolverine’s heroism.

Woman as Temptress

Jean Grey is the Temptress, she’s a romantic distraction which could have an impact on him being part of the team if he gives in to it.

Death of the mentor

Mystic damages the Cerebro and then it knocks out Xavier

Atonement with the Father

Wolverine gets it; that he needs to be part of the Xmen


Jean Grey uses the Cerebo to learn where Magneto is going.

Ultimate Boon

The X-men have become a team and they hop in the jet to rescue Rogue and stop Magneto’s plan to turn everyone into Mutants

The Magic flight

This is the fight between Magneto and the Xmen, they are trapped by their own mutant powers.

Rescue from without

The other Xmen help Wolverine get to Rogue.

The crossing of the return Threshold

Wolverine sacrifices himself to save Rogue and suffers extreme damage which looks like it’s unlikely he’ll be able to recover

Master of two worlds

Wolverine is part of the Xmen but he also has his own path to walk, learning about his past, working out why he is what he is.

Freedom to live

The world is changing, the anti-mutant law has been avoided and Magneto is imprisoned.


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